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Short-Term Mission Trips


OnMission2 trips range from 6 to 30 days in length. Teaching Sessions are not to exceed 10 days per teaching session. The 10 days will include all in country travel and teaching days. However, depending on additional ministries your church would like to add
in, the trips can be extended by your request and coordination with the in-country national leaders.


How much do your trips typically cost?

OnMission2 trips average total mission cost $150-200 per day, excluding airfare per individual.   Some are more and some are less. The most significant impact on the cost of a trip is the airfare.


Are there opportunities for women to serve on a trip?

Yes! If you have a desire to serve and want to find out how you can be involved, please contact us to explore opportunities to serve our church plants in ladies, children and youth ministries.  We have numerous discipling opportunities, special needs ministries and of course, evangelism training, as well as presentations.  There will be many opportunities, as you will partner and minister with some of the worlds’ best Christian interpreters/translators.  You will be blessed….for sure!


Will OnMission2 Help me raise support for my trip?

OnMission2 can provide coaching and guidance on raising support for your trip, however we cannot provide any financial assistance for trip participants.


Will an interpreter be provided on the trip?

Yes. OnMission2 will provide a translator for teaching opportunities and general communication for each day.  We suggest one translator per two visiting missionaries. All Translator fees and their daily expenses are included in the cost passed on to each individual on the mission trip. 


Can I purchase my own airfare for a trip?

Yes, as this is not the responsibility of OnMission2.  In fact, each traveling missionary will be financially responsible for their own airfare to and from destinations, as well as their own travel/medical insurance. Your team leader is responsible for coordinating your team,
purchasing the tickets, and confirming trip insurance for the group to prevent multiple arrival and departure time complications.


How does OnMission2 prepare me for the trip?

  • Trip Planning:  OnMission2 will assist the US Leader setting up all trip logistics including travel plans, flights, ground transportation, lodging, meals and interpreters.

  • Trip Preparation:  Typically, there will be one or two meetings by video or phone call to discuss logistics and the culture.  Whenever possible, OnMission2 will include its on-the-field missionary in this meeting.

  • Packing list: OnMission2 will provide a basic packing list for each trip that will help prepare you for the site where you are going to serve.

  • Immunization Suggestions:  Ask your family physician about what you may need and/or  refer to the  website for their recommendations for the country to which you are traveling.

  • Passport/visa requirements: If applicable, OnMission2 will discuss the visa process for each specific country.


How do I know what trips are open to participate?

The Short-Term Trips page will show what trips are “active” and accepting applications.  Refer to the calendar.  An application must be completed and received by OM2 at the same time that you desire to reserve your dates. 

Click Here to Check the Available Upcoming Mission Trips!


Do you do other types of ministry during the trip?

Yes!  This can be based on what skills/gifts your team has to offer. 


Can I tack on a sightseeing trip to either end of the mission trip?



Does the cost of the trip cover immunization and medical expenses?

No.  For each trip you MUST purchase (and provide proof of purchase) travel insurance, which would cover emergency medical costs during the trip.  The avg. cost per day is  $5.00 and includes medical evacuation,  if necessary. 


What does the cost of the trip cover?

The cost of a OnMission2 trip covers the following:  ground transportation, food and water, lodging, translators, Bibles and an administrative fee.


What are the requirements to participate on a trip?

  • Be a follower of Jesus Christ,

  • Be in good standing with your local church, and

  • Have a desire to use your time to equip the church around the globe.

  • Be at least 18 years old, and

  • Complete the trip application online.


Additionally, you must meet these requirements:

  • Theological: OnMission2 operates under the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. All OnMission2 trip participants must adhere to this statement of faith. 

  • Medical/health: Some OnMission2 sites are remote and therefore may be challenging for a person with certain health concerns to minister in any given setting. For this reason, OnMission2 works carefully with applicants who have health restrictions/concerns to ensure that every person is able to have a safe and healthy trip. If you have specific medical concerns, please contact us to discuss which sites would be best to consider.

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